Size Matters: Fees Addition

You're probably already aware of expense ratios and how they are important because if you're reading this blog then you've heard of Vanguard. And Vanguard is blasting people's ears about fees. Which, apart from being a really good marketing strategy, is very important for people to understand...

12/10 Would Try And Become A Millionaire

"I want to be a millionaire"- my friend Trevor. "Who wants to be a millionaire?" - Regis Philbin. This is clearly a popular question. It's the age old question. How do I get one million dollars? Is it enough? Should it even be a goal? Great questions. Here are the ways you can become a millionaire:

Where Do I Put The Extra Dough?

Where do I put the money I’m saving? Which accounts should I have? How much should I put into each account? These are all great questions and ones I usually get the most. Below is a list that details the order of accounts/buckets that I recommend you stash your money in...

College Savings Strategies

Fast forward a bit and you're little newborn will be heading off to #college. You'll be yelling "eat your vegetables!" as they pull out of the driveway. You probably won't yell that because, lets be real, who actually yells that? But you'll yell something, maybe, and even shed a few tears...

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