Size Matters: Net Worth Edition

Your net worth is a snapshot, at specific moment in time, of your financial health. By tracking this number it forces you to interact, on a consistent basis, with your financial life. Your net worth, indirectly, gives you the ability to understand your personal financial habits...


12/10 Would Try And Become A Millionaire

"I want to be a millionaire"- my friend Trevor. "Who wants to be a millionaire?" - Regis Philbin. This is clearly a popular question. It's the age old question. How do I get one million dollars? Is it enough? Should it even be a goal? Great questions. Here are the ways you can become a millionaire:

How We Got Rid Of Student Loans

Student loans suck. However, with how much higher education cost these days, along with the fact that most employers want to see a Master's degree, most people have them. And they suck. Here's my story with student loans:

Setting Financial Goals

Goals. How should you set goals? What type of goals should I set? Should my goals be lofty or attainable? Wonderful questions. By setting goals, you are putting parameters around your financial life. You are forcing yourself to limit emotional decisions and forego short term pleasure...

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