Disclosure: I may receive a commission based on the links below. I tell you this because I legally have to, but also to let you know my motives aren’t 100% pure. Just 99% pure. I personally use/buy everything I link to because I think these things are awesome and I want you to experience them as well (with no additional cost to you). Win-win? Win-win.

To start, thank you for even stopping by this blog. Having readers that consistently show up and read is amazing. I am going to list some resources that I believe are really awesome and will help you save/win with money. And a few that don’t help you save, but are just companies that I/my wife really like.

Personal Finance Related:

Personal Capital:

This is a great and free tool that allows you to continually track your net worth. It allows you to link all your accounts and automatically updates them to provide you a real-time update on your finances. Additionally it offers a fee analyzer for your investment accounts, cash flow analysis, and other helpful tidbits related to personal finance. It really is a neat tool.

Click here if you want to use Personal Capital


Have a bunch of high interest rate student loans and want to consolidate/refinance them? Well SoFi is the easiest, no frills option out there. My wife and I used them to refinance our student loans when we were doing our best to pay them off. We went from an approximately 6.55% interest rate to an approximately 4.8% interest rate. Additionally, they have really great customer service.

Click here if you want to find your rate at SoFi


HavenLife is a tech-focused online term life insurance company. They are trying to make the process of getting life insurance as easy as possible. The best part about it, is that you might not need a medical exam, if you are a healthy individual. Gotta love technology. Sweet, right? They are backed by MassMutual, which is a highly rated company. My wife and I are currently in the process of filling out the exam. Turns out that having a baby really changes your time allotment. Regardless, click the link below because life insurance is really important.

Click here if you want to get life insurance to protect your family

Overall Deal Shopping:


I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Basically this means that if you click on the link below and buy anything, I get a portion of what you buy. Win-win? Win-win.

Click here before you start shopping at Amazon


Moosejaw has the best deals available for outdoor clothing/equipment. They are constantly giving away free items and I always check here first to see if they have the item I am looking for. Plus they send out hilarious e-mails that are sure to make you laugh. Check them out.

Click here to checkout Moosejaw


To be fair, this isn’t discounted shopping. This is, however, a place that has very comfortable long sleeve t-shirts and really comfy dog beds, both of which I endorse heavily. Oh yeah, and fly fishing stuff. While it’s expensive, it is all quality gear. Yes, I just called a dog bed gear.

Click here to buy an expensive dog bed or really comfy clothes


Again, not discounted shopping. BUT, my wife said she could have not been as relaxed in the hospital as well had it not been for her comfy Athleta clothing. Being in the hospital is better with Athleta. Boom. That right there is all the endorsement I need to give. It makes me wish they had clothes for dudes.

Click here to shop Athleta and be more comfortable

Baby Stuff

Honest Company

This one is for all the health-conscious people out there. After extensive research, my wife and I have found that Honest Company products are ‘less harmful’ to the body than other traditional products. That being said, I will pay a little more for some quality stuff that my baby uses every day.

Click here to shop for Honest Bath and Body Products



If you don’t want to stay at a hotel, you should book a place at VRBO. I’ve done it, you’ve probably done it, everybody has probably done it. It’s a sweet site that allows you to explore a new city without breaking the bank. Plus, you get the full experience of “living” in the city you are visiting. Book now at the link below.

Click here to book your next vacation with VRBO


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