Hey y’all. My name is Jim and I’m about to be am a dad! My wife is 32 36 weeks no longer pregnant and this is our first child!

The original goal of this blog was to help educate people navigate the ins and outs of personal finance. Growing up, the school system did a pretty crappy job of teaching us about finances. Instead we learned geometry and watched movies during health class. I am here to help unpack the jargon that we call personal finance and help you reach your financial and life goals.

While I will still b walking through personal finance in general, I’m also going to write a lot about money decisions that young parents might be facing. You’ll get my research, limited knowledge, and decisions about each topic. Additionally, I’ll post about sweet deals or products that I have found useful.

As a CPA, future CFP, and dad I’m here to offer advice, knowledge, and life experiences to help you along the way.

So, cheers to living the life you always dreamed of!


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