Another Diaper Deal: Up To 40% Off Honest Company Diapers

Disclosure: I may receive a commission based on the links below. I tell you this because I legally have to, but also to let you know my motives aren’t 100% pure. Just 99% pure. I personally use/buy everything I link to because I think these things are awesome and I want you to experience them as well (with no additional cost to you). Win-win? Win-win.

Another diaper deal! Trying to find a good deal on something to buy this weekend? I got you. This time you can either get 40% off a bundled ordered of Honest Company diapers and wipes. I have found that this deal is cheaper than what Pampers would cost you. What you will be getting is 6 boxes of diapers and 4 boxes of wipes (72 wipes in each box). Check out the chart below to see how many diapers you will get. It all depends on size.

Honest Company Diapers per Size

Now that we are past that, follow these 4 easy steps to get savings!

Step 1: Click Here To Go To The Honest Company Website

Step 2: Get the diapers in your cart

  • Click on the ‘Diapers and Wipes’ box

Honest Company Diaper Bundle

  • Click on the orange “Get Started Button”
  • Pick the size diaper/print on the diaper you want
  • Add To Cart

Step 3: Enter a code and save money!

Use the code “40foru” (without the quotes) and get 40% off this bundle. You enter this under the promo code section. This takes your price from $79.95 to $51.93.

Honest Company 40% off

You can add multiple sizes to this and get 40% each bundle. HOWEVER, MAKE SURE YOU CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AFTER YOU RECEIVE THE ORDER. (See Step 4).

This price also includes the 4 packs of wipes that cost $19.80. If you subtract the $19.80 from your total purchase, your total for the diapers is $32.13. For example, say you are purchasing size 1 diapers. The normal price of a size 1 diaper is $.32/diaper. In this deal you will be receiving 264 diapers for the price of $32.13, which equates to approximately $.12/diaper. Even if you include the $19.80 for the 4 packs of wipes, this is approximately only $.20/diaper (but you also get wipes). BOOM! Savings.


Honest Company will charge your card each month (albeit they also send you diapers, just not with the 40% off) if you don’t cancel the subscription. To cancel, you can do so online at any time in your account settings or by calling 1-888-862-8818. But who really wants to wait on the phone and talk to a sales person? Not me. So just change it online.

Again, don’t forget to click on the link in Step 1 or you can Click Here To Go To The Honest Company Website. Either link helps me out, which is greatly appreciated. I’m also purchasing diapers off this deal to save so money on one of the most chemical free diapers we have found and so should you!

If this helped you out, feel free to share it with friends and family. I’ve heard grandparents love to purchase diapers on sale. Cheers to saving money on diapers!


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